Design Your Own Rug In Australia

We rarely see it that way, but our whole home is a blank canvas. While budgeting, tastes and space will affect the actual direction of any project, you have an abundance of options at your disposal. There is one addition to your home which can be designed and created for you bespoke when you choose Rug Artisan.

Unique and designed for any room of the home, custom rugs made by our team at Rug Artisan are certain to change the look, feel and atmosphere of any space. Whether you’re turning a child’s bedroom into an adolescent playground or you’re looking to create a statement in your living room after a new lick of paint, choose Rug Artisan.

Designing your own rug with us couldn’t be easier

Our team handcraft every rug design that we receive to instil our passion and quality into every single fibre. To design your own custom rug with us, it’s really simple. On our online store you’ll find inspiration and colour schemes which will guide your sketch. Once you’ve made a rough sketch of your ideas, we’ll design your own rug to send through for approval.

The next stage will see your design perfectly weaved and crafted by our experienced team at Rug Artisan. If you’re wondering how we can help you design your own custom rug, speak to our team today.